Sunday, May 13, 2012

National Weather Headlines For Monday May 14th, 2012

Larger Than Life
Thanks to Beautiful Planet for sharing this picture on their facebook page. Quiet an amazing shot!

Rocky Mountain National Park
Thanks to the Rocky Mountain National Park for sharing this on their Facebook page, see more HERE:
"SNOW in MAY? A mountain bluebird, male, ponders the precipitation. (photo by VIP Hahn) 5/11"

Fishing Opening Weekend
Thanks to my good friend, Roxanne Wilmes, for these pictures on Lake Edwards. Sounds like they did alright even though the bite was a little slow... Nice catch Ben! Fritz the dog looks quite excited too.
Sunset Over Lake Edwards
Nice Catch Ava!
Thanks to Kirsten Monshaugen hage for this picture from Mille Lacs... It's a keeper!
Mother's Day Sunshine
WOW! What a weekend!! Can't believe we actually managed to sneak a keeper weekend after having nearly a months worth of crummy ones. This was the satellite over the Upper Midwest Sunday afternoon. Other than a few clouds, most of the 11,842 Minnesota lakes had ample sun.
Heating Up
Temperatures in the western half of the nation will be heating up through the week, some of which will be spilling out into the Plains through the week. Get ready for a slow and steady climb in those heat and humidity values. I predict that some close to home will probably start using the A/C very soon. Below are several forecast snapshots of temperatures a few thousand feet off the ground throughout the week. Note how the bubble of warmth gets warmer and expands through mid May.
Monday 850mb Temps
Wednesday 850mb Temps
Friday 850mb Temps
Excessive Heat in the Desert Southwest
Temperatures in the Desert Southwest are expected to warm into the triple digits through the early week. The National Weather Service is warning residents of the upcoming heat.
May Stays Hot Out West
The extended GFS Forecast is suggesting that the end of the month could be even hotter over a larger number of locations out west. Some of that heat will likely spill out into the Plains... stay tuned!
Temps Next Tuesday
Severe Threat Monday
A few strong to severe storms may bubble up across Texas, but no widespread or organized areas of severe storms are expected across the nation anytime soon.
4 to 8 Day Severe Outlook
Thanks to the large ridge of high pressure (large bubble of heat) out west, the severe threat over the next several days is expected to be very minimal through the week.
5 Day Precipitation Outlook
The Hydrological Prediction Center precipitation forecat shows heavier rain across the Eastern Seaboard early this week with another smaller blob of moisture across Texas. Other than that, things are looking pretty dry this week... you might have to start watering soon!
Thanks for checking in and have a great week ahead!
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