Monday, April 16, 2012

Crazy Weather Extremes

Mobile home damage in Woodward. EF2 
This tornado was the deadliest in the Woodward area since the April 9, 1947, tornado that killed more than 100 people. The Woodward area had a more recent storm in the area on April 9, 2012, with 4.25” hail and minor damage from a tornado in nearby Sharon, Okla.
Woodward OK Tornado Timeline
The graphic below, produced by the NWS Norman, Okla., Weather Forecast Office, shows the timeline of the tornado that struck Woodward, Okla., Saturday night.

 NWS Norman, Okla., Weather Forecast Office: Summaries of yesterday’s severe weather event from select NWS Weather Forecast Offices in affected areas:
NWS Topeka, Kan., Weather Forecast Office:
NWS Dodge City, Kan., Weather Forecast Office:
NWS Hastings, Neb., Weather Forecast Office:
 Gumball Size Hail
Thanks to @EssLeeArr for this picture of gumball size hail in the SW metro
Thanks to @LauraSchara For This Pic
Laura snapped this pic as the storms were rolling into Minneapolis
Paul Douglas:
“Atmospheric terrorism
One outspoken radio-curmudgeon likes to call local TV meteorologists “weather terrorists”. Funny, huh? I’ve been called worse. I’m flapping my arms in front of red, pulsating blobs on Doppler; a bewildered spectator, like everyone else.
Mother Nature is on a roll. Or rampage. It’s not your imagination: severe weather is on the rise. More tornadoes, more floods, more fire; more extremes. The Weather Underground’s Jeff Masters says America’s weather the last 2 years has been the most severe since 1816. I feel like a tour guide in the Book of Revelations. When you don’t see a 7th day on my 7-Day Outlook it’s time to head for the hills. The storm that spawned 122+ tornadoes Saturday, another outbreak uncomfortably close to home Sunday, is pushing east. Cold exhaust whips up sprinkles, maybe a lonely flurry Monday morning. No worries: nothing will stick on your neon-green lawn.
Jackets return ; a light frost in the outlying suburbs Tuesday gives way to 60 by midweek.
No big storms are brewing. Expect showers early Wednesday – a cold rain Thursday; showers on Saturday. Next Sunday looks sunny and pleasant, a spell of 60s and 70s the last week of April.”
Saturday Tornado Reports
An image of the Tornado Watches, Warnings and tornado reports that were issued on April 14th and April 15th, 2012 across the central Plains. This image is courtesy NWS employee Corey Pieper.
 Tornado Video – Waynoka OK
This is a series of videos taken of a tornado that developed SW of Waynoka. The twister was a long track system that would would later involve the small townships of Dacoma, Ingersoll, and Amorita, Oklahoma.
Hail Video – Norfolk, NE
Marble size hail fell for more than eight minutes.
Thanks to ndnvideos – see HERE:
Satellite of Storms Over KS/NE/IA
This is a look from Saturday’s thunderstorms over KS/NE/IA via satellite
Thanks to @CIMSS_Satellite
See more HERE:
Coldest cloud top temperature on the VIIRS IR image was -84ºC over southern Nebraska. Note the concentric gravity waves too!”
Duluth Rainbow
Thanks to my good friend Josh Miller for this picture. He said he took it a couple of years ago, but it was too good not to show, thanks Josh!
Northeast MN Snow
Speaking of Duluth and parts of Minnesota, look what some folks woke up to today! In fact, there was so much snow that some schools were closed!
Thanks to Donna Schoeben for the pictures below

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