Saturday, September 3, 2011

September 4th - Tropical Systems Bring Heavy Rain and Slow Things Up

High Pressure Dominates
Take a look at the image below, note the big area of high pressure anchored over the Great Lakes Region.

This weather feature is actually being hung up because of two tropical system to our southeast. Tropical Storm Lee continues to dump copious amount of rain over the Lower Mississippi Valley, including New Orleans. Rainfall amounts were nearing 10" in spots along the Gulf Coast already by Saturday morning, which could be doubled by early next week!

Tropical Storm Lee

Flooding Products Issued by the National Weather Service

When Will It End?
Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Lee is a slow mover and will continue to dump rain across the Gulf Coast States through early this week. It appears that Lee's movement northeast will be hastened later in the week, but heavy rainfall amounts are still looking very likely for spots along the East Coast (those who don't need anymore after Hurricane Irene last weekend). This could very well aggravate and exacerbate the flooding situation in spots that got hit so hard by Irene last weekend.

Could It Get Worse?
To make matters even worse, the New England States might have a close call with Hurricane Katia by late week/weekend as she wobbles ever closer to the U.S. - Forecast models are still a little uncertain with what will happen that far out, but additional rainfall from Katia certainly doesn't look out of the question at this point.

Katia Churns In The Atlantic

National Hurricane Center Forecast Track For Katia
The 5 day forecast track for Katia brings her on the west side of Bermuda, which is always a little scary for folks along the East Coast, especially if she continues on that northwest track.

Thanks for checking in, enjoy the rest of your Labor Day Weekend!
Meteorologist Todd Nelson